Car Rental: What to Do in Case of an Accident?

Some people think there’s nothing better than going on a road trip to create the perfect holiday because it allows them to see an abundance of amazing sights. Australia is a continent-sized country with a wide variety of natural wonders as well as impressive cities to see, and...
Posted On 03 Mar 2017
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Test Drive: 2015 Lexus IS 350 AWD

Raise your hand if it seems every fourth car you see on the road is a new Lexus IS. There’s a good reason for that: The third generation Lexus IS that debuted last year is a more refined, better handling, much more fun to drive 4-door entry-lux than its outgoing brother. A...
Posted On 21 Jan 2015

Buying a Motorcycle? Here Are 5 Things to Take Care of First

We all know that the type of car you drive says a lot about you—but ask anyone and they’ll tell you there’s nothing makes a more powerful statement than a motorcycle. A motorcycle says fun, adventurous, sexy, dangerous. But besides that, there’s nothing like the thrill of riding...
Posted On 06 Jun 2014

Audi Quattro: A Legend on a Mission

Audi has built a reputation among rally car enthusiasts since the early 1930s. During its heyday, the Quattro would become one of the winningest rally racers in the world. Today, its vehicles are the standard of luxury performance, and the pivotal star car of movies like...
Posted On 08 May 2014

Vote for Me in the Samsung Coast to Coast Photo Post

So Samsung came out with this great new 14.2 megapixel camera — the SH100 that does all kinds of things, like let you edit pics and movies in the camera and upload them directly to your social media accounts from the huge touchscreen on the back — and to promote it,...
Posted On 02 Jun 2011

Casio Exilim – High Rez Pics and Viral Video Ease

The new Casio pocket-sized digital packs a lot of stuff into a small body. Capture all your best, and worst, moments at a big, high-rez, 10.1 megapixels, while the anti-shake feature keeps your shots sharp. No matter how drunk and wobbly you are. And the super bright 2.6″...
Posted On 25 Oct 2007