The Charlie Sheen/Charlie Brown Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For

One is constantly winning. The other is the consummate loser. But when Jimmy Kimmel’s video geniuses unleash their mashup skills, it’s hard to tell one from the other. [VIA Guyism]
Posted On 02 Mar 2011

Sheen-anigans: The Quotable Charlie Sheen

Two things you can be sure of whenever Charlie Sheen gets interviewed: 1. He’s going to give you the unvarnished truth (at least as far as he believes it), and 2. Most of what comes out of his mouth will be a hot, steaming pile of awesome. And last night’s 20/20...
Posted On 02 Mar 2011

Three Minutes with Danny Trejo: Hot Women, Kissing Jessica Alba and Not Getting Stabbed

Last month when I was in NYC for the Brisk25 Summit (learning all things brisk Iced Tea related), I had a chance to sit down with Machete star, Danny Trejo and ask him a couple of questions. We talked about his unlikely sex symbolhood, kissing Jessica Alba multiple times, and...
Posted On 25 Feb 2011

Nothing Personal: An Insider’s View Into the Business of Being a Hit Man

Ever wondered what it would be like to quit the 9-5 rat race and rub out rats instead? And I’m not talking about the four-legged, cheese eating rats either. Starting Wed, March 9, Nothing Personal, a new 6-part series, narrated by true crime aficionado Steve Schirripa (aka...
Posted On 24 Feb 2011

Take Home the “Take Me Home Tonight” Prize Pack

Topher Grace is going from “That 70’s Show” to that 80s movie. Take Me Home Tonight, hitting theaters next Friday (trailer after the jump), follows Topher and friends as they crash an out-of-control, end-of-summer party in 1988, so he can chase the girl of his...
Posted On 24 Feb 2011

Full Metal Beetle Bailey

My 3-beer-lunch partner, Steve, over at has fired up his copy of Premiere again, and mashed up Beetle Bailey’s Sarge with everyone’s favorite drill sergeant, Lee Ermey doing his steers and queers best in Full Metal Jacket. I haven’t been this...
Posted On 22 Feb 2011

Single? Hate Valentine’s Day? Celebrate Black Valentine’s Day Instead

Not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day. For those who are single (not by choice), the entire day is one long, painful reminder that they wake up alone on a daily basis. Well Virgin Mobile feels your pain, and wants single people everywhere to celebrate...
Posted On 11 Feb 2011

Win the “El Mariachi/Desperado/Once Upon a Time in Mexico” Trilogy

For the first time, Robert Rodriguez’s action-packed El Mariachi Trilogy: El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico is available on Blu Ray, in a two-disc set. And I’ve got a set to give away. With both discs signed by actor (and Rodriguez’s second...
Posted On 11 Feb 2011

Eminem to Get Animated and Do a Brisk Iced Tea Ad?

Eminem is about to get puppetized… The notoriously ad-adverse rapper swore he’d never “sell out” and hawk product, but it looks like he’s changed his mind. Briskly. While I was in New York this week at the Brisk25 Summit (with Danny Trejo who did the...
Posted On 04 Feb 2011

Win a Virginity Hit Prize Pack

From the guys behind Step Brothers comes The Virginity Hit, an outrageous mockumentary about Matt, the last of his buddies to lose his virginity. With his stepbrother recording his every humiliating move while trying to lose his virginity, and posting it online for the whole...
Posted On 12 Jan 2011