Back From Vegas Alive… Barely

I’m sure by now you’ve heard and read about the new electronics advances and product launches coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). After spending all last week there I can tell you one thing: if I have to look at one more flat panel TV I’m going to...
Posted On 15 Jan 2007

Cool Your Beer – Coolight

This is the greatest invention never actually invented. I think. Maybe it was. Can’t be sure. But I do know I can’t find it for sale anywhere. Originally seen on Gizmodo, it is essentially a steel cylinder filled with cryogen and topped with a rubber cork. To keep...
Posted On 29 Dec 2006

Bun Warmer – ColdHeat Cordless Heated Seat

If you’ve been to a game this winter you know how cold your ass gets sitting in those plastic stadium chairs for three hours. (You blizzard-braving Broncos fans know what I’m talking about.) ColdHeat, the people who brought you the cold soldering gun, have developed a...
Posted On 29 Dec 2006

Uncloggin What Falls Off Your Noggin – FlexiSnake

If you’re over 30 hair is getting in your drain. It’s a fact of life. For some more than others. And getting it out of the drain is a pain in the ass like no other. Liquid drain cleaners work sometimes. On some clogs. But not always. What I usually do is stick a wire...
Posted On 27 Dec 2006

Because Real Men Don’t Wear Band-aids – Duct Tape Bandages

You get cut, you bleed. If you want to keep the blood off your clothes, and dirt out of the cut, you gotta put something on it. I had an uncle who was in construction. When he cut himself he’d tear off a piece of duct tape to keep that bad boy closed. “Band-aids are...
Posted On 22 Dec 2006

Giant Bows

Giving someone a car this Christmas? Me either. But ever wonder where those giant bows come from? You can get them for $48 from And, for those of us who aren’t giving $30,000 gifts this year, you can use them to decorate the front door of your Pad instead.
Posted On 20 Dec 2006

Big Bad Ben – Ben Wallace Inflatable Defender

This morning I got an email from BoBG (Brother of Bachelor Guy) and it had a link to what is now the only thing I am asking for for Christmas. There is nothing else I want. Put your shopping lists away. Nothing can top this. It’s the Inflatable Defender. A seven-foot-tall,...
Posted On 18 Dec 2006

Instant Messenger – Ruckus Messenger Bags

Last week I did a post where I took a firm stand against the man purse. For those of you who missed it, and especially for those of you who might actually carry a man purse, you can read it here. I will state again for the record: It doesn’t matter how much stuff I have to...
Posted On 18 Dec 2006

Fish Tank Toilet

I can’t look a this without thinking of the classic Saturday Night Live commercial parodies… It’s a toilet! No, it’s an aquarium! No, it’s a toilet! Aquarium! Toilet! Aquarium! Wait! You’re both right! It’s an aquarium that makes a great...
Posted On 14 Dec 2006

Scarf’s Up, Dude – Xubaz Scarf

I got into a discussion recently with someone (a female someone) who wanted to know why guys are so resistant to carrying a man purse. My argument, BECAUSE IT’S A PURSE, apparently wasn’t convincing enough for her. Her position was that guys need to carry as much...
Posted On 14 Dec 2006