Here are the Best And Worst Rugby Movies to Get Your Inner Gladiator Pumped

This fall you may be busy watching the MLB divisional series, or the start of football season, but if you’re looking for something different, something that gets your adrenaline flowing, check out the rugby World Cup. It’s going to be brutal, unforgiving, occasionally violent,...
Posted On 13 Jul 2015

5 Sports Stars Who are Tougher Than You’ll Ever Be [Videos]

There are some guys who are just born tougher than the rest of us. While they may not be impervious to severe pain, they can play through it, while concealing their discomfort to their opponents. Or unnerving them with their seemingly superhuman pain tolerance. Below are five of...
Posted On 26 May 2015

Fast Horses, Classy People—Why You Need to Get Into Horse Racing

You may have noticed horse racing showing up in a few posts recently. That’s because it may be one of the most underrated spectator sports, and it’s one you need on your radar. It’s also one of the oldest sports in the world—horse racing using both chariots and mounted riders...
Posted On 03 Apr 2015

Five Unforgettable Sports Events You Have to See Live

Sports play a massive role in our society—and our lives. It unites us, it divides us. We live the pure joy of the wins, and the crushing pain of the losses. I have a buddy who says sports are soap operas for men… and truer words have never been spoken. In a world with so many...
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Finding Value: Do You Really Have What It Takes?

If you genuinely have what it takes to recognize true value – you probably already know it. The trouble is – many guys think they have this ability, but most don’t. And they end up paying for it. Literally. So the thing to do is to prove it to yourself. Recognizing the value in...
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Help With Your NCAA Basketball Bracket for You Non College Basketball Fans

The calendar is quickly marching into late March and you know what that means… we basketball fans nationwide are gearing up for the annual weeks-long party that is March Madness. Regular season schedules are winding down and seeding for the conference tournaments is being...
Posted On 05 Mar 2015

Looking for Variety and Better Cardio From Your Weekend League? Think Lacrosse

If you’re bored of playing the same sports year after year in your local rec leagues, maybe it’s time to try something different. One answer might be lacrosse. Yeah, lacrosse. Forget the must-punch-their-faces image of “Lax Bros” douching it up on college campuses—as one of the...
Posted On 09 Oct 2014

Here’s Why Stand Up Paddleboarding Needs to be an Olympic Sport

By James Greene My vote for the next new Olympic sport is Stand Up Paddleboarding. My argument starts with a discussion of the Olympic standard of simplicity. In a sense, what might be called the “pure sports” involve little or no equipment at all. Track and field events —...
Posted On 07 Jun 2014

2014 NBA Playoffs: Here are the Odds to Win the Western Conference

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, and the Indiana Pacers with their hands full against the Washington Wizards, and the well-rested Miami Heat in the East looking to show the Brooklyn Nets why they should get the Three-peat (do I need to send Pat Riley a check now?) So someone...
Posted On 09 May 2014

The Real Finances Behind Your Kentucky Derby Wager

So you Picked California Chrome to be the 140th winner of the Kentucky Derby, and you collected your winnings. (While California Chrome’s owners collected over $1.4 million.) But do you really understand how wagering works in horse racing? “Tax Dood” Brad Polizzano gave us some...
Posted On 05 May 2014