Workout Gear to Get You Through Your “Get Fit” New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again… when we take a hard look at the spare tire we’ve cultivated over the holidays, and resolve (for real this time), that next year will be the one where we finally get in shape. Even if we’re in somewhat not horrible shape, a little extra time...
Posted On 16 Dec 2015

Wearable Tech To Improve Your Fitness

Hacking There are a ton of wearable tech devices out there today, with the most popular (for now) being the ones that track and enhance your workout. Or give you a little extra motivation. Here are just a few of the devices  you should try and see if they push your lazy, couch...
Posted On 07 Jul 2015

Schiller X1 Water Bike Delivers Wave-Top Cardio

Biking offers excellent low-impact exercise, but who says it has to be limited to the road or mountain trail? The Schiller X1 is a water bike that lets you get your cardio on while riding the waves like a pedal-powered pontoon boat. Designed and built in Northern California, the...
Posted On 02 Dec 2014

DISQ is the Go-Anywhere Gym You Wear On Your Waist

Tired of being tied to a gym or needing racks of weights to get your strength training in? Strap on the Disq, and your body becomes your gym—anywhere, anytime. Invented by Dutch speed skaters to train for competition, the Disc is a compete gym you wear around your waist. The Disq...
Posted On 21 Nov 2014

New Wave Running Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 18 and Wave Sayonara 2

The primal fitness devotees may tell you going barefoot is the way our ancestors preferred to run, but they also wore loin cloths and practiced poor oral hygiene, so we’ll stick to running with shoes. And two of the shoes we are running in right now are new from Mizuno: the Wave...
Posted On 14 Nov 2014