Five Alternatives to Bars When Chilling with Your Boys

There’s nothing wrong with meeting your buddies at the bar for some drinks after work, but that doesn’t have to be the only social outing in your arsenal. Guys are always asking me what they can do to blow off some steam and enjoy some wife-and-girlfriend-less male bonding...
Posted On 10 Apr 2015

5 Worst Poker Fails

The phenomenon of online gambling has significantly changed the professional game of poker. Before the online boom, talented players had to slowly and carefully work their way through open tournaments to reach the top over a number of years. However, with websites like 32red,...
Posted On 27 Mar 2015

Gambling in Online Casinos is Finally Legal in Some States. But is Anyone Playing?

Remember way back in the early 00’s when it seemed like everyone was gambling in online casinos? Casinos that had to flee the restrictive laws of the US and set up shop offshore? People were screaming for online gaming to be made legal here, so we could satisfy our poker jones...
Posted On 07 Jul 2014

Winning Online: Which Type of Gambling Man Are You?

These days, if you’ve got a gaming jones and want to take the house down there are any number of ways to win money online without having to endure a cramped plane ride to a smoke filled casino with watered down drinks. And there are any number of types of men who win big at the...
Posted On 16 Apr 2014

Did Your Billion Dollar Bracket Get Busted? Here Are the Odds of Other Wins and Loses

Did the chance to win a cool $1,000,000,000 in the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge get your inner gambler itching for some more action? Mine too. And since you’ve already entered a contest where the odds of you winning were 9.2 quintillion-to-1 (that’s 18 zeros), you might be...
Posted On 27 Mar 2014