New Year’s Resolution Tip: The Captain Morgan Workout

First he chose Marisa Miller as his First Mate, and now Captain Morgan wants to help us keep our get-in-shape New Year’s resolution. He’s got a new workout video out, and the results? Well, let’s just say they’re remarkable. Turns cute girls into even...
Posted On 07 Jan 2011

Equal Opportunity Offender Review: The Titty Towel

Why should we guys have all the fun? While we’ve been able to wrap ourselves in the offensive, yet functional, Dick Towel, our ladies had no use for it. Unless they wanted to look like a tranny. Not that I’m judging other people’s fetishes, so it’s all...
Posted On 23 Dec 2010

Pornaments: Because Even Pervs Have Christmas Trees

Tired of the same old angels, snowmen, and chubby-faced Santas on your tree? Looking to express your love of all things porn to your holiday guests? Replace your ornaments with Pornaments. Standing five to seven inches tall (taller if you use those pills they sell in the back of...
Posted On 23 Dec 2010

Hot Women Find Out How to Clean Dirty Equipment

They’re back. Denese Saintclaire and her phone bank of AXE babes are doing their best to gather info on how to clean dirty equipment. This time they are calling real unsuspecting business owners, and drilling them on the finer points of getting a deep clean on a dirty ball...
Posted On 14 Dec 2010

Stop Gift Snooping. Wrap it in a Prank Pack

If you’ve got someone on your gift-giving list who insists always on snooping under the tree (read: a girlfriend), throw them off the trail by wrapping their presents in a Prank Pack. A fake gift box that’s designed to appear like it contains “ridiculous...
Posted On 09 Dec 2010

14 Brutally Honest (And Accurate) TSA Slogans

In light of the TSA turning into the “Touchy Squeezy Administration” here are 14 new slogans promoting the TSA’s “enhanced” screening procedures. My personal favorite? “It’s not a grope. It’s a Freedom Pat.” Travel safe America!
Posted On 23 Nov 2010

Axe is Back With More Help for Guys With Dirty Balls

At the beginning of the year, the Intergoogles was all abuzz with a viral video where uber hottie, Jaime Pressely, took the stage to tell us how to clean our balls. Even the fuzzy suckers. Well, Jaime’s gone, but they’ve brought back Carl and his filthy ball sack for...
Posted On 02 Nov 2010

10 Examples of Pumpkin Carving Awesomeness That Put Your Jack O’Lantern to Shame

Most of us just grab a steak knife when we go to carve our Halloween jack o’lantern. These guys use sculpting tools. We cut a couple of triangles for eyes, maybe a grin with a tooth or two. They create highly detailed faces that look they should have been carved out of...
Posted On 29 Oct 2010

Favre Scores With His New Open Fly Jeans

Perfect for all you sexting fans out there, Brett Favre’s new Open Fly jeans let you quickly and easily get the shot whenever the mood strikes to sexually harass a team employee half your age. “Why let zippers and buttons slow you down? With Open Fly jeans, it’s...
Posted On 25 Oct 2010

12 Reasons Why Couples Halloween Costumes Are a Bad Idea

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s around this time when your girl starts asking how you are going to dress up for the parties. And when she means “you”, she means the both of you. As a couple. In some cute matching costumes. Now, I’m all for dressing...
Posted On 20 Oct 2010